About the Christian Speaker Network

Back in 1999, some excited Christians got together and decided that, for the most part, Christian speakers have a great message and a great ministry, but being a one-person show (usually), it seemed very difficult for them to market themselves effectively.

With the increased use of the internet by churches, a great pastor resource organization already in place, and the contributions of one of the best Christian graphic design firms, God revealed the perfect solution:

Produce a well-designed website and database of Christian speakers that can be accessed easily by church leaders and event organizers by topic, name, and region, while maintaining affordability for the speaker.

Thus, ChristianSpeaker.net was born. A network of Christians, utilizing their given talents to spread the Word of God.

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We truly believe that this concept makes sense and will help churches and groups find the right speaker, and will give the Christian speaker a reasonable means to promote themselves. We hope you agree. Please feel free to let us know what you think, and, please e-mail us if you have any ideas that could help us develop this resource to best fulfill your needs.

In Him,
The Staff of ChristianSpeaker.net