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We realize it's hard to promote yourself. That's why is the #1 place people go to when searching for a Christian speaker on the web. And that's not just a saying. We have been at the top of Google and Yahoo search engine rankings for years.

You get a customized, personal Web page detailing all your contact information, pictures, speaking topics, and a bio of your ministry... all for only $29.95/year (your first year also requires a one-time set-up fee of $10). Compare that to monthly hosting fees, setup fees, graphic design fees, etc, and you begin to see what a great deal this is.

We are now offering a Deluxe Membership. The annual cost is the same, but requires a $30 one-time setup fee. This will include everything in the standard membership, plus the addition of an audio or video clip. The clip must be provided to us via email in a digital format (under 10MB). Or, e
ven better, if your video is online already on YouTube or Vimeo, just email us the link and we'll embed the video directly into your webpage!

Please do NOT send tapes or DVDs.

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