Ron Maxson Jr.  

National Men's Speaker

Washington DC and beyond: All United States, including but not limited to:
District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia

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Speaking Topics:
Mens Ministry

  Speaker Bio  

I am passionate about helping other men grow and ensuring that they have adequate support along life’s journey. Ordained to ministry by the local church, I have served in bi-vocational pastoral ministry and teaching for many years. I willingly cross denominational lines. I am known as The Men’s Mentor, and have mentored hundreds of men and young men, helping them become the man they were intended to be in their home, workplace and beyond, equipping them with the tools needed to make a difference.


Encourage, inspire, and equip men and young men to live life to the fullest.


On countless occasions for more than two decades, I have addressed groups of a few to crowds of thousands. I have spoken in a wide variety of venues, including conference and retreat centers, board rooms, small town churches, mega-churches, community town halls, and on-stage at national events such as the annual Fourth-of-July celebration on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

Passion, Energy, Insight

I love people. Being a true people-person with a strong and direct delivery style, truth, humor and passion allows me to engage each member of an audience. Presentations are designed to be dynamic at every turn. Hold on tight, because you may hear some truths from my years of working with men and young men that may seem a tad surreal. I will bring exactly what your group needs to thrive while encouraging and motivating them to live a full life at home, work, play and everywhere else life takes them! Life-change happens. Everyone walks away with a sense of empowerment, revitalized energy and a host of tools for immediate use.

Men's Conferences, Retreats, and More

Speaking at men’s conferences, retreats, leadership trainings, sporting events, workshops, banquets, community activities, church services, Father's Day celebrations, men's breakfasts, and other outings, small or large, where men are gathered, aligns with my mission. I am also available to speak at women's gatherings in order to help them understand their men (guys, wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall for that talk?!)

Potential Speaking Topics

Each talk is fully customized to meet the needs of each group. Below is a list of potential topics:

  • Overcoming Chaos: What to do when life seems out of control.

  • Have A Friend, Be A Friend: Camaraderie, transparency, support, trust, and empathy.

  • Diamonds In The Rough: Each of us have shining qualities, we may just need some polishing.

  • Mentoring: Turn your hindsight into another guy's foresight—the need is great.

  • Same Old Road: Break free from the same old rut.

  • Facing Fear: Our fears are often lies, misconceptions, and deceit—we can overcome.

  • Riverwalk with the Guys: Life along the river seems so refreshing—let's make it happen.

Consultant for Men’s Ministries

In addition to mentoring and speaking, Ron is available to help men’s ministries, local churches, and other groups start and or strengthen men’s ministry and provide resources to men in their community.


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