Dennis Zetting  

Quantum Creation Ministries

Lynden, WA
California, Oregon, Texas, Washington

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Speaking Topics:
Creation Science
Mens Ministry

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If you want a speaker that will AMAZE your audience with the "newest" and most "advanced" discoveries in science that provide overwhelming evidence to support the existence of God -- I invite you to get me to your event. I am an experienced and passionate speaker that will engage with your group.

People are flat-out thrilled and excited to hear about quantum physics when it is made "easy-to-understand," especially when it gives all glory to God. Science is catching up to the Bible and I love to share these new findings with people seeking to know God deeper.

Learn how science proves that God created the universe, is a personal God, is omnipresent (everywhere at all times), omniscient (all knowing), and is not bound by time. Learn how science has proven that heavenly realms must exist and that healing prayer is supported by science.

Your audience will walk away changed forever and ready to build a deeper relationship with Christ/God/Holy Spirit.

I can speak as a keynote speaker 30-60 minutes, to a complete 6-10 hour weekend conference.

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